Scott A. Boorman's The Protracted Game: A Wei-Ch'i Interpretation of Maoist PDF

By Scott A. Boorman

ISBN-10: 0195014936

ISBN-13: 9780195014938

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75) [Mary climbed the mountain]sc, she climbed right to the top. (76) [John has gone out]sc, he’s gone to the shop for some apples. (Sentences like these scarcely occur in formal written English. ) 28 R. M. W. Dixon In these sentences, the Wnal clause, which provides the most information, is Focal clause of the linking. The conjunction and in English has a wide functional range. Very often the clauses it joins are in a Temporal linking, as in (17) and (77) [Mary left John]sc and he went into a monastery.

By coming Wrst it would be expected that she should automatically win the prize. Here one clause can be recognized as Focal and the other as Supporting. Mary’s winning the prize depends on her coming Wrst in the race, not the other way around, showing that winning the prize in (70) and won the prize in (71) are the Supporting clauses. Note that, as an alternative (70), one could say: (72) [Mary won the prize]sc, coming Wrst in her race. but not, corresponding to (71): (73) *[Mary won the prize]sc, and came Wrst in her race.

Indeed, in English and could be substituted for but in (78) and (79) with the contrast shown by appropriate use of stress (indicated by ’): (78’) (79’) [Mary is a Methodist]sc, and her ’brother is a Catholic. [John is rich]sc, ’and he is not happy. In (78’) her brother is stressed to draw attention to the contrast. An anaphoric pronoun, such as he in (79’), cannot be stressed so here stress goes on and. (In each instance, the meanings are only roughly—not perfectly—maintained. ) We can have a Contrast linking in which the Focal clause is simply the negation of the complement clause within the Supporting clause, as in: Typological Perspective 29 (80) [John said he would come]sc, but he didn’t.

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The Protracted Game: A Wei-Ch'i Interpretation of Maoist Revolutionary Strategy by Scott A. Boorman

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